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Full text of "University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees records, 1836-2010"

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[Chap. 220.] 
An Aot to incorporate the Trustees of the Massachusetts Agricultural College.* 
\Be it enacted, SfC, as follows : 

I Sect. 1. Marshall P. Wilder, of Dorchester ; Charles G. Davis, of Plymouth; 
■Nathan Durfee, of Fall River ; John Brooks, of Princeton ; Henry Colt, of Pitts- 
field; William S. Southworth, of Lowell; Charles C. Sewall, of Medfield ; Paoli 
jLathrop, of South Hadley ; Phinehas Stedman, of Chicopee ; Allen W. Dodge, 
of Hamilton ; George Marston, of Barnstable ; William B. Washburn, of Green- 
field ; Henry L. Whiting, of Tisbury ; John B. King, of Nantucket, their associates 
|and successors, ai$ hereby constituted a body corporate, by the name of the 
Trustees of the Massachusetts Agricultural College, the leading object of which 
shall be, without excluding other scientific and classical studies, and including 
military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and 
the mechanic arts, in order to promote the liberal and practical education of the 
industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions of life — to be located as i 
[hereinafter provided ; and they and their successors, and such as shall be duly 
Selected members of said corporation, shall be and remain a body corporate by that 
name forever. And, for the orderly conducting of the business of said corporation, 
the said trustees shall have power and authority, from time to time, as occasion 
'jnay require, to elect a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, and such 
pther officers of said corporation as may be found necessary, and to declare the 
duties and tenures of their respective offices ; and also to remove any trustee from 
[the same corporation, when, in their judgment, he shall be rendered incapable, by 
jage, or otherwise, of discharging the duties of his office, or shall neglect or refuse 
to perform the same ; and, whenever vacancies shall occur in the board of trustees, 
the legislature shall till the same : prodded, nevertheless, that the number of members 
shall never be greater than fourteen, exclusive of the governor of the Common- 
wealth, the secretary of the board of education, the secretary of the board of 
agriculture, and the president of the faculty, each of whom shall be, ex officio, a 
member of said corporation. 

Skct. 2. The said corporation shall have full power and authority to determine 
at what times and places their meetings shall be holden, and the manner of notifying 
the trustees to convene at such meetings ; and also, from time to time, to elect a 
'president of s#id college, and such professors, tutors, instructors, and other officers 
of said college, as they shall judge most for the interest thereof, and to determine 
the duties, salaries, emoluments, responsibilities, and tenures, of their several 
offices. And the said corporation are further empowered to purchase or erect, and 
keep in repair, such houses and other buildings as they shall judge necessary for 
the said college ; and also to make and ordain, as occasion may require, reasonable 
rules, orders, and by-laws, not repugnant to the constitution and laws of this Com- 
monwealth, with reasonable penalties, for the good government of the said college, 
and for the regulation of their own body, and also to determine and regulate the 
course of instruction in said college, and to confer such appropriate degrees as they 
may determine and prescribe : provided, nevertheless, that no corporate business 
shall be transacted at any meeting unless one-half, at least, of the trustees are 

Sect. 3. The said corporation may have a common seal, which they may 
alter or renew at their pleasure, and all deeds sealed with the seal of said corpo- 
ration, and signed by their order, shall, when made in their corporate name, be 
considered in law as the deeds of said corporation ; and said corporation may sue 
and be sued in all actions, real, personal or mixed, and may prosecute the same 
to final judgment and execution, by the name of the Trustees of the Massachu- 
setts Agricultural College ; and said corporation shall be capable of taking and 
holding in fee simple, or any less estate, by gift, grant, bequest, devise, or other- 
wise, any lands, tenements, or other estate, real or personal : provided, that the 
clear annual income of the same shall not exceed thirty thousand dollars. 

Sect. 4. The clear rents and profits of all the estate, real and personal, of 
which the said corporation shall be seized and possessed, shall be appropriated to 
the uses of said college, in such manner as shall most effectually promote the 
ubjects declared in the first section of this act, and as may be recommended, from 
time to time, by the said corporation, they conforming to the will of any donor or 
donors, in the application of any estate which may be given, devised, or 
bequeathed, for any particular object connected with the college. 

Sect. 5. The legislature of this Commonwealth may grant any further i 
powers to, or alter, limit, annul or restrain, any of the powers vested by this act 
in the said corporation, as shall be found necessary to promote the best interests 
of the said college ; and more especially may appoint and establish overseers or j 
visitors of the said college, with all necessary powers for the better aid, preserva- 
tion, and government thereof. The said corporation shall make an annual report i 
of its condition, financial and otherwise, to the legislature, at the commencement I 
of its session. 

Sect. 6. The board of trustees shall determine the location of said college, 
in some suitable place within the limits of this Commonwealth, and shall purchase, ; 
or obtain, by gift, grant, or otherwise, in connection therewith, a tract of land; 
containing at least one hundred acres, to be used as an experimental farm, or 
otherwise, so as best to promote the objects of the institution ; and in establishing! 
the by-laws and regulations of said college, they shall make such provision for the 
manual labor of the students on said farm as they may deem just and reasonable. \ 
The location, plan of organization, government and course of study prescribed fori 
the college, shall be subject to the approval of the legislature. 

Sect. 7. One-tenth part of all the moneys which may be received by thei 
state treasurer, from the sale of land scrip, by virtue of the provisions of the one; 
hundred and thirtieth chapter of the acts of the thirty-seventh congress, at the. 
second session thereof, approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and 
qf the laws of this Commonwealth, shall be paid to said college, and appropriated! 
towards the purchase of said site or farm : provided, nevertheless, that the said I 
college shall first secure, by valid subscriptions or otherwise, the further sum of | 
seventy-five thousand dollars, for the purpose of erecting suitable buildings there- 1 
on ; and upon satisfactory evidence that this proviso has been complied with, the 
governor is authorized, from time to time, to draw his warrants therefor. 

Sect. 8. When the said college shall have been duly organized, located, and 
established, as and for the purposes specified in this act, there shall be appropri- 
ated and paid to its treasurer each year, on the warrant of the governor, two-thirds 
of the annual interest or income, wliich may be received from the fund, created 
under and by virtue of the act of congress named in the seventh section of this 
act, and the laws of this Commonwealth, accepting the provisions thereof, and i 
relating to the same. 

Sect. 9 ^ In the event of a dissolution of said corporation, by its voluntary 
act at any time, the real and personal property belonging to the corporation shall 
revert and belong to the Commonwealth, to be held by the same, and be disposed! 
of as it may see fit, in the advancement of education, in agriculture, and the 
mechanic arts. The legislature shall have authority at any time to withhold the 
portion of the interest or income from said fund provided in this act, whenever the: 
corporation shall cease or fail to maintain a college within the provisions and! 
spirit of this act and the before-mentioned act of congress, or for any cause which 
they deem sufficient Approved April 29, 18G3. 

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sS&^ <^*0T ^^> cT «^^£- s0^*<: a.jky&*- <A^^ A 
£V*~i_. ££^0*- /Cc^^^ft^c^C &e.*^>^'Z r *'£&*<? ^U^^2^.<^^^^-a tZ^^^S ^_ 

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yd^Ae^ze^A ^AAe^ y£^AAi-oA- -> ^t^-t^y tA^u^e*^ ^AA^A^^^J : A^z^' 

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aA- /%/ ^zzA?&yt>^-~ z^A^A.AA^/ ,J&e4> ^cz^> 

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y&gtytypts 1 / yy^-yK&c^y 1 ^^t^^e^^o^y^ ^//tas/-( s/fo/. /^ayyi^^y ^ t ,>^yy^t<r 
&£tytf^£Jc y ,y^e^£&<y^y-*ts .y^*^***/ . //-cc^' y^~^-^^^<^ yjz^y-^-e^-^y- ^^> yo-*Ts<z.&/^- 

y^sA^h^/ y<yt*rt/{%, /y^y-c^yy- ^/^ yin^y <yyey£y^y yy^~ 


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ts*Z^?^' yte^te^-^rzZ&rt- 

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/c^^a^-^e^y z>ns //%e/ ^ytej^Ci^e^iJO t^fo/CesCey'. 

sz-e>Z'' ^GC^Lg&zsgZL^&c?**^ ^y-^iy j^^Az^^ze^y/^^^i'yy ^£ty-e<? 

<^%&>/- /9%£/ C^^syt^y^ <-^y&2&L£<4e?r*~ ^/T'yr/-^^^ 
S#<?4£> ^y 


rs&c&>6C y ^J/tS^s&Tv^^&TvtS^ri^ c-st / t&te40&?z>r~ < &y-y^yy.s^ s/A 


y>n.^ ^r^<y^€^iy Cbpy ^yyz^ydc^e^^/~ t^t-cy , 

'^/la/A-y/Aes ■ smsez&e*^- .^^t^yyc^^^C^^Zy' tZ^ce^t^/^ y<?£{ , 

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s<"s?^j Y/rYY ////<J r/rs/c s? / Y. 

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rsrtr/ //// t^Y / r sr/<J &A^ Y& 

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e/t //<Y tfJ <o <xYt^ // // // * /Y r / Y? // ryy ■ , <?• s/ cA //>/ - Syr /rr s i 
(>a/ rvtziY Y&c^Ty/'// erst t/z-C' &6zfi^Zs'i r .<£?w^/i £j > t'r ^7//^/ 
/J Asfs/vY /i/tzs&esczY/// eA/7/r^YryAYAy" Y? r t?Ye<J^ r~z*- — 
y^2^>£i^-££^£^cfe^^;^»fc^^<#^ /// rrrr/<^// ryA AAr <D*xt&c&t? 
(T&ss/ s/t/AArr, YAr/A AA '■////?// Ar ///////r^/'/zY/s^/y 

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<JY///cYr/rts2, AAc YY<AA/ s?Aj <?/A <Yzc Y /^AArs/c 

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Yt^e^C^ (i -/IS ///^A^/e <Y Y ?^/^/y // A J/ /££/;<>// &// , 

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cr//^^Lncy ,?<^st r^^ts/jT^fjj^^rt^y' £3y^ly /ffJ^ 

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f^c^^e^ "y/<!%ee/ (Osteal <£Z&cs^&/ / <%>., *=~^y^ztz^ <t^^ K -r\ 

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ze/ jus&T^e^/x 


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&%>&<-€&■' Jd^&m-ef ,/£*xt^ J ^y^^ 1 — .^CocCyCc^^t/ ^te/- 



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tyt^L- /£&& *&<?&*e4>?i^?-7*-' /ZsW*^ y^c~e/ <t^y^e^^^e-^y^ ty^^z^rije&y' 

'/£<&&£/■ '/^^-. y& svj€*€prfLk/' <_j&syzt^<^r. (/^L^^L*^, 


^t^G^^C^U^cy, J&ef&ctJ ^c^ei^AjeGe^t^^/t^^ y&t^ 

^a^y y^j^ y^^ ^^^p-r 1 ^' ^^C«>^^<^ ^H^ 1 - /&i^ y&-0v^ ^i^cc<^ ^?t/ 

J%^fc- yte^6^7^<^ a^y^i^/tyy <%y 

<£%& y&Acde/ Trz^z&eA//^—, <fyyte^y/&inZ^ £yt£e-?z^c^&^^^ /i^i^T'^p <z*L^ 
s&tZsrvLe/ ytsw <3e^sz<l£^CeZsC£4>~?Z' yty-t>/%^, cfZ4& tlias&ee^n&rtyC' 

yftC^/rije/ fy^G^cSf^y], js^^i^^^€^t^ .ce^v „ /£&t&i^zy y4%£^ y ^£<ti>& — 
OGOT^c^z^ey ***^M? Z/tL-^vZes ^/iezd^ec^ (th^&^ey- ^£&, YcP(F&/ <*** 

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tZ/ j&^&^z^z-c&eey t%£-s/&t&e/' /&e/~ ^/z/^^z^0€^ /ty &£ £2*£ezc^ ^z> 

cotes' ^^^-^^^^^^fe^ c-^^^^^ <^7<7V<y^£&£^ 


Y%tJ c^&y <z^Y^^ ^6a^^^^J^/ <i^^^^Y^iy 

iD&CYSy ^^Ci^^Ce^^^/^^^i^C^^^yf ^S^fct^ii&tZ^/ tlYfj?XZ<r&??Z^!Z-?z/ ty^?^^^^ 

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s^c&A^ c<i^^!^^^ , ^^^ / ^^^^^ asi^^^W/^ ^Y2^eL^-eY&^ <6£csteY^t^ 
^^^/cL^^^^^sz^^^^^^t,^^.^^^'. <L^^<z^U^teAY (lY <Ycs. Y^Ga^c^co^^i^ ^u^tz^ 
?YU<^ ^^nyte^Le^Y^ 

Y/i£' / sWte<& c cc^od /??4^e/Cc?v*2^£*s&te/s£€J&e& atv-eY 

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60 ftmicl '4eLme4 , fdlo, J^lL %<ywXonJ %o*Aw*)vb fH(nM^M ) (J 
ft&wwXsMJ J>Mi' i^uoW \M juM\J xJiMxe) /to kkst) MhZk&jvX) AkMW 1 awv^cIi/ /vutd fiu^t rmsl (VaxAsJ 


<^^/^?y^e«^>?^^^/<^g^ (tZetzetu^tvs&s z?<?we&w<! &£ee* 

''ow^sz^d^t ^^^w/s&Ud CAZtzZ&y <&k^ ^^z^e/ ^^^'^^z^^z^e^ 0-^^ezci:^ 


FRANK E. PAIGE, Treasurer 

Massachusetts Agricultural College, 

For the year ending December 31, 1888. 


Cash on hand, .... 2,018 63 

Term Bill, - - - acct. 5,538 92 2,774 14 

Botanical, .... a cct. 4,048 80 4,504 87 

Farm, .... a cct. 3,479 96 6,140 26 

Expense, - - " - - acct. 472 99 5,112 31 

Laboratory, ... a cct. 557 34 343 55 

Salary, .... a cct. 12,762 46 

Library Fund, - - - acct. 346 87 346 87 

Endowment Fund, - - acct. 11,442 00 

State Scholarship Fund, - acct. 10,000 00 

Hills Fund, - - - acct. 717 01 580 62 

Grinnell Prize Fund, - - acct. 40 00 40 00 

Whiting Street Fund, - acct. 71 15 

Mary Robinson Fund, - - acct. 60 44 80 00 

Gassett Scholarship Fund, acct. 42 94 

Insurance, - - - acct. 1,049 74 

Extra Instruction, - - acct. 273 25 

Advertising, - - - acct. 76 50 

Reading Room, ... acct. 86 95 

Worth College Insurance, - acct. 130 75 

Cash on hand, - - - 4,534 78 

$38,837 05 $38,837 05 



Insurance, -------- 40 06 

Hills Fund, 139 69 

Gassett Scholarship Fund, 62 94 

Waiting Street Fund, 119 31 

KLary Robinson Fund, 183 90 

General Fund of College, - - . - - 3,988 88 

$4,534 78 


Term Bills, 1,013 19 

Laboratory, 213 49 

Farm, -------- 165 38 

Botanical, - , 242 35 

Cash on hand belonging to General Funds, - - 3,988 88 


$5,623 29 


General Expense Account, 116 72 

Insurance Account, - - - - - - 10 12 

Term Bill Accouut, - - - - - - 106 23 

Botanical Account, 108 61 



College Farm, 




Pelham Quarry, - 



$37,500 00 




$10,360 00 

Botanic Museum, 




" Barn, ... 




Durfee Plant House and Fixtures 

, " 



Small Plant House aud Fixtures, 




North College, ... 




Boarding House, ... 




South Dormitory, - - - 




Graves House and Barn, 




Farm House, 




Farm Barns aud Sheds, 

- " 



Stone Chapel, - 




Drill Hall, 




President's House, 




Four Dwelling Houses and Shed, 

purchased with farm, 



196,340 00 

$233,840 00 


Farm, 11,000 00 

Laboratory, ---.---- 1,301 75 

Boarding House, - 400 00 

Fire Apparatus, 500 00 

Library, *- - 7,000 00 

Natural History Collection, 3,479 05 

Botanical Department, -...-. 9,805 45 

Physics " 3,416 03 


Total Value Real Estate, per inventory, 

' " Personal Property, per inventory, 

$233,840 00 
36,902 28 

Cash on hand and bills receivable, per inventory, 5,623 29 

Bills Payable as per Inventory, 

$276,365 57 
$ 341 68 

Total, $276,023 89 


Technical Educational Fund, United States Grant, 

Amount of $219,000 00 

Technical Educatioual Fund, State Grant, 141,575 35 

These Funds are in the hands of the State Treasurer. 
By law 2-3 of the income is paid to the Treasurer of 
the College. 1-3 to Institute of Technology. 
Amount received 1888, $11,442 00 

State Scholarship Fund, $10,000 00. This sum was 
appropriated by the Legislature, 1886 and is paid in 
quarterly payments to the College Treasurer. 10,000 00 

Hills Fund of $10,000 00, in hands of College Treasur- 
er. This was given by L. M. and H. F. Hills of 
Amherst. By conditions of the gift the income is to 
be used for maintenance of a Botanic Garden. In- 
come 1888, 717 01 

Unexpended balance December 31, 1888, $139 69. 

Grinnell Prize Fund of $1,000 00, in hands of College 
Treasurer. Gift of Ex-Go v. William Claflin ; was 
called Grinnell Fund in honor of his friend. The 
income is appropriated for two prizes to be given for 
the best examination in Agriculture by graduating 
class. Income 1888, 

Mary Robinson Fund of $1,000 00 in hands of College 
Treasurer, given without conditions. The income 
has been appropriated to scholarships, to worthy and 
needy students. Income 1888, 

Unexpended balance December 81, 1888, $183 90. 

Whiting Street Fund of $1,000 00, a bequest without 
conditions. To this sum is added $2G0 00 by vote 
of the Trustees in January, 1887, it being the interest 
accrued on the bequest. Amount of Fund December 
31, 1888, $1,260 00. Unexpended balance of in- 
come $119 31. Income 1888, 

Library Fund, for use of library, $5,283 74. Deposited 
in Amherst Savings Bank. 

Gassett Scholarship Fund ; the sum of $1,000 00 was 
given by the Hon. Henry Gassett as a scholarship 
fund. Uuexpended balance December 31, 1888, 
$62 94. Income 1888, 

42 94 

Total Income, $22,373 54 

To this sum should be added amount of tuition, room rent, re- 
ceipts from sales of Farm and Botanic Gardens ; amount of same 
can be learned from statement of Treasurer, Tuition and room 
rent under head of Term Bill. 

Frank E. Paige, Treasurer. 
This is to certify that I have this day examined the accounts of 
F. E. Paige, Treas., as displayed from Jan. 1st, 1888, to Jan. 1st, 
1889, and find the same correct and properly vouched for. The 
balance in the Treasury, four thousand five hundred thirty-four 
and 78-100 dollars, is shown to be on hand in bank. 

H. S. Hyde, Auditor. 
Jan. 5, 1889. 

<3<tZlthrt- y y ^yt^^ , y <-/<K€M&l*£s?7 A -~ e^CZy&J ^zzzj^z-c^y^zzz^^ ^z^t^ ^/iz>->^y . i^&jpy 
£k^ce^ sew/ y^zz^zz^z/ ' ^^- r^T&f. ^2^^-^^i^y^ C^r-Ze^, #zr^ ^z&Zzznv/ a»£&%iy. 
t^zZz&deieJgf \y£ ! zjt r ^^ie*C'- jfizz^ ^«a?^« / cze^J^i^r?^ ^Os&e/s/5? r^^c^z^y^ rj^&-? ,^/^. 

a^LJ^a^^^ze^t2t- 7 ^&?*~ ^ 


ziy^a'zzz^z^tyyyc^^cy (O^y^ce^e/ 'zzzzz^t yA^eyZ y^zzyj c£zZe/ ayy 

i ^cJci^zaJ, zy0^ey?z^zzs?rzz^<z/ *L_y . /^/^czzte/; c-^C^^&^&y *!yyie*y?<>-i^Z'?z/ (\p. <S*y _ 

yCazz^y 0/fc^z£%ez t^?t?-tzszxy cy^^J^^Uz^z^y^l^e/ . 

ytzzSrf-z^&t** /^Z^/t&es yyi''z&z^&-ctjJ ,<z^^syZz?^&y / ^zzzeztez 

yj ,Z%& a^i^e-zy '..■■&£- yzzet,tz?Z£zl<J y^zzyzzd^zzi-£kzt , 

^jCt&d&n^e^ £4&' y t^0v*^^/2s0-rz*U<Aj£it^/ ft^Wto^ <£Z^£&G&J y ^2^y^^Ao 


Massachusetts Agricultural College Corporation, 



Article I. The Officers of this Corporation shall be a President, Vice- 
President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor of Accounts, and three Standing Com- 
mittees, consisting of five members each, to wit: (i) a Committee on Finance and 
Buildings; (2) a Committee on Course of Study and Faculty; and (3), a Committee 
on Farm and Horticultural Departments, all of whom shall be elected annually by 

Special Committees may be chosen from time to time as the Trustees at any 
meeting may think expedient. 


Article II. The Officers of this Corporation are charged with the duties, and 
entitled to the rights and privileges which belong, by general consent and parlia- 
mentary custom, to their respective offices. 

The Treasurer, in addition to being the custodian of all the funds which belong 
to the College, so far as they come into his possession under the acts of the Legis- 
lature, shall also collect and receive all moneys and valuables due the College 
from whatever source, and pay out and disburse the same; but all disbursements 
shall be made in accordance with the appropriations authorized by vote of the 
Trustees, and all payments under these appropriations shall first be approved by 
the President, and if they amount to more than $500 for any one purpose, except 
for salaries and other fixed sums, such payments shall also be subject to the 
approval of the Committee on Finance andBuildings. The Treasurer shall also 
furnish to this Committee, a monthly statement of all receipts and disbursements, 
and the balance, if any, in hand. 

The Treasurer shall keep the Corporate Seal, all deeds and other papers relating 
to the financial affairs of the College; he shall keep the buildings and other pro- 
perty of the College insured in such sums as the Board may from time to time 
direct; he shall keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements, 
subject at all times to the inspection of the Board, or any committee or officer 
thereof. And to assist him in these duties, he may employ a bursar at the College, 
who shall be under his direction, and for whose acts he shall be responsible, but 
the services of said bursar shall be paid for by the Treasurer out of his salary. 

The Treasurer shall give a bond in the sum of $10,000, the sureties on which 
shall be men from outside of this Board, and approved by the Committee on 
Finance and Buildings. 


Article III. There shall be two stated meetings of the Trustees in each year; 
the first to be held at the State House, or at such place as the Trustees at any pre- . 

vious meeting may determine, un the second Thursday of January, and to be known 
as the Annual Meeting, at which officers shall be chosen, and the annual report 
made. The second meeting shall be held at Amherst during the week of the annual 
commencement, the day and hour of said meeting to be fixed by the President of 
the College in consultation with the Secretary of the Board. 

Special meetings may be called at any t.rr.e upon the written request of the 
Governor, or of any three members of the Board of Trustees ; such request shall 


-cJ<Z3iiZ^^ / &/&7Z^?Z^<£&tz£< 

be made to the Secretary, who shall thereupon give notice of the same, stating 
therein the object for which the meeting is called. 

Notice of all meetings of the Board shall be given by the Secretary, in writing, 
by mail, to each member thereof, at least seven days prior to the date of the meeting. 

It shall be the duty of every member of the Board to visit the College at least 
once every year. 


Article IV. The three Standing Committees shall hold at least two stated 
meetings at the College in each year, as follows : 

The Commiteee on Finance and Buildings during the months of June and 

The Committee-cm Course of Study and Faculty during the months of June 
and November. 

The Committee on Farm and Horticultural Departments during the months of 
April and October. 

Special meetings of these Committees may be held elsewhere at their 

Article V. To carry on the work of the College in its various departments, 
the Trustees shall annually, or oftener if deemed expedient, appropriate, by vote, 
out of the income of the College legally at their disposal, stated sums of money 
for each department of the College, including a fund for contingent expenses, but 
the aggregate of such appropriations shall not exceed the total annual income of 
the College applicable for these purposes. And the officers of the College and 
heads of departments shall, before the annual meeting of the Trustees, present 
to the Committee on Finance and Building, a statement of the wants of their 
departments, and said Committee shall thereupon consider the same and report 
at the annual meeting such appropriations as the Committee shall deem expedient 
to recommend for the ensuing year. 


Article VI. The Faculty of the College shall consist of the President of the 
College and those instructors' who hold full professorships^ arid shall be elected 
to their respective positions by the Board of Trustees whenever vacancies occur or 
whenever the Board deem it expedient; but at the written request of five 
members of the Board, an election shall take place in any office or department of 
instruction in the College, provided such request is filed with the Secretary at 
least ninety days before any meeting of the board, stating the office or department 
in which such election is requested, and the time it is desired it shall take place; 
and upon receipt of such request the Secretary of the Board shall immediately 
notify the members thereof, and also the incumbent of the office or head of depart- 
ment in which said election is requested to be held, giving each the reasons for 
such request, but the names of the Trustees signing the request shall not appear 
in the notice issued by the Secretary, nor be communicated to anyone. 

A full professorship in the Agricultural College shall be understood to be a 
position in which its occupant is placed at the head of a particular department of 
instruction, and such professorship can be created only by vote of the Trustees. 
Any person elected to a full professorship shall thereupon become a member of the 
Faculty, and be entitled to a voice and vote in the proceedings of that body. 

Associate professors, tutors and lecturers may be engaged from time to time by 
the President of the College, with the advice and consent of the Committee on 
Course of Studv and Faculty, said engagements to be made subject to the confirma- 
tion of the Board of Trustees ; and such associate professors, tutors and lecturers 
shall be included in the list of the Faculty printed in the annual catalogue and en- 
titled to take part in Faculty meetings, but not 'entitled to vote therein, except in 
the absence of the head of the deDartment in which they are employed, when they 
may represent that department by vote or otherwise, if the majority of the Faculty 
assent thereto ; but no department shall be represented at any meeting by more 
than one vote. 


Article VII. The President of the College shall be the chief executive officer 
of the Institution, and, besides teaching in some department, shall have general 
supervision of all departments of instruction and discipline, and.all matters per- 
taining to the general welfare of the College and the students. He shall approve 
all bills and claims against the College, and shall be responsible for the proper 
care of the grounds and buildings, and all apparatus and personal property per- 
taining thereto; and for this purpose, and for the purpose of carrying on the work 
of the College, he may make requisition on the Treasurer, under the appro- 
priations by the Trustees, for such sums of money as shall be necessary from 
time to time; but such requisitions, if exceeding the sum of $500 for any one 
purpose, except for salaries and other fixed sums, shall be subject to the approval 
of the Committee on Finance and Buildings. All requisitions by the President 
must be made in writing, and state the purpose for which the money is desired. 

The President shall, with the advice and consent of his associates of the 
Faculty, establish such rules and regulations for the government of the students 
and for the conduct of the work of the College as shall in their judgment best sub- 
serve the interests of both. Also, " They shall make such provision for the man- 
ual labor of the students on the farm as they may deem just and reasonable." (See 
Acts of Massachusetts Legislature, 1S63, Chap. 220, Sec. 6.) 

The members of the Faculty who are the heads of departments of instruc- 
tion, shall, under the supervision of the President, be responsible for their depart- 
ments, including the custody and care of the apparatus belonging to their 
respective departments. 

Associate professors, tutors or superintendents shall be under the direct super- 
vision of the heads of the departments in which they are working and answerable 
to them, but this shall not debar such associate professors, tutors or superinten- 
dents from presenting to the Faculty corresponding reports of their work, or any 
views relating to the same. 

It shall be the duty of the head of each department, or his assistant, to take an 
inventory at the end of each year, of all apparatus and personal property belong- 
ing in his department, and forward it to the President, who, after examination and 
approval, shall file the same with the Treasurer as a part of the accounts of the 
College, and in the case of the farm and horticultural departments, this inventory 
shall include an account of the stock and produce at a fair market valuation. 


Article VIII. The Faculty of the College shall organize, with the President 
of the College as President, and shall choose annually a Secretary and such other 
officers as they deem expedient, and they shall be required to hold at least two 
meetings a month during each term of the collegiate year, and a record of each 
meeting, with the names of the instructors present shall be kept by the Secretary, 
open at all times to the inspection of the Board of Trustees, or any member 

It shall be the duty of the members of the Faculty and all instructors and 
lecturers in the College living in Amherst, to attend regularly the Faculty 
meetings, and take part therein, unless excused by the President. 

Article IX. All important matters relating to the work of the College, its 
discipline, instruction, and well-being of the students, also all plans touching the 
arrangement of the grounds and buildings, shall, as a rule, be considered by the 
Faculty as a body, and in case of disagreement shall be decided by vote. In the 
event of a tie vote, or the inability to agree from any cause, an appeal may be 
taken to the committee of the Trustees before whom the matter would properly 
come, or directly to the full Board. 

Any professor, associate professor, tutor or superintendent, who is dis- 
satisfied with any decision of the Faculty or the President of the College, or who 
has any matter which he would like to bring before the Trustees, may present the 
same in writing or in person to the committee of the Trustees before whom the 
matter would properly come, or directly to the full Board, as he may elect. 


Article X. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President of the 
College, or during his absence or inability to attend to the duties of that office, the 
senior professor of the Faculty shall perform the duties of President until some 
member of the Faculty or other suitable person is appointed President pro tern 
by the Board of Trustees, or until the office is regularly filled by the Board. 

In the event of a vacancy in any chair of instruction, or during the absence 
of any instructor, the President, with the advice of the Faculty, may appoint an 
associate professor or some suitable instructor to perform the duties of the absentee 
until his return or until the vacancy is filled by the Board of Trustees. Such 
appointee shall be entitled, for the time being, to a vote in the Faculty as though 
regularly elected to a full professorship. 


Article XI. Instructors in the College occupying full professorships, and 
associate professors, shall draw pay quarterly at a fixed yearly rate from the time 
they enter upon their duties, and thereafter from the first of July in each year. 
Other instructors, tutors and lecturers shall draw pay for such length of time, and 
in such manner, as is agreed upon at the time they are engaged. 


Article XII. The Board of Trustees shall confer such degrees upon grad- 
uates and former students of the College as the Faculty from time to time may 
recommend, provided such candidates are deemed by the Board worthy of receiving 
such degrees. The Board may also confer such honorary degrees as shall in their 
judgment best subserve the interests of the College and the public. 


Article XIII. At all meetings of the Board, nine members must be present 
to constitute a quorum. (See Chap. 220, Sec. 2, Acts of '1863.) 


Article XIV. The By-Laws maybe changed or amended, and additional By- 
Laws may be adopted at any annual meeting of the Trustees, and at any regular 
meeting of the Trustees, provided notice has been given in writing to each of the 
Trustees at least seven days before such meeting, that the subject of the By-Laws 
will be brought before the meeting, and such notice shall be given by the 
Secretary, stating the change proposed. 


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t-lrC ^.X^ — 


Full Text (Official) of the Hatch Act, the 
Appropriation for which Has Just Been 
Made by Congress. 

An act to establish agricultural experiment sta- 
tions in connection with the colleges established in 
the several states under the provisions of an act ap- 
proved July 2, 1882, and of the acts supplementary 

Be it enacted by the Senate and House 
of Representatives of the United States of 
America in Congress assembled, that in order 
to aid in acquiring and diffusing among the 
people of the United States useful and practi- 
cal _ information on subjects connected with 
agriculture, and to promote scientific investi- 
gation and experiment respecting the princi- 
ples and applications of agricultural science, 
there shall be established, under direction 
of the college or colleges or agricultural de- 
partment of colleges in each state or territory 
established, or which may hereafter be estab- 
lished, in accordance with the provisions of an 
act approved July 2, 1862, entitled "An act 
donating public lands to the several states and 
territories which may provide colleges for the 
benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts," 
or any of the supplements to said act, a de- 
partment to be known and designated as an 
"agricultural experiment station;" Provided, 
that in any state or territory in which two 
such colljges have been or may be so estab- 
lished the appropriation hereinafter made to 
such state or territory shall be equally divided 
between such colleges, unless the Legislature 
of such state or territory shall otherwise di- 
rect - 

Sec. 2. That it shall be the object and duty 
of said experiment stations to conduct origi- 
nal r i sea"ches or verify experiments on the 
physiology of plants and animals; the diseases 
to which they are severally subject, with the 
remedies for the same ; the chemical composi- 
tion of useful plants at their different stages 
of .'growth; the comparative advantages of 
rotative cropping as pursued under a varying 
series of crops ; the capacity of new plants or 
tre es for acclimation ; the analysis of soils and 
water; tbe chemical composition of manures, 
natural or artificial, with experiments de- 
signed to test their comparative effects on 
crops ..f different kinds; the adaptation and 
value of grasses and forage plants; the compo- 
sition and digestibility of the different kinds 
of food for domestic animals ; the scientific 
and economic questions involved in the pro- 
duction of butter and cheese; and such other 
researches or experiments bearing directly on 
the agricultural industry of the United 
States a,i may in each ease be deemed advisa- 
ble, having due regard to the varying condi- 
tions and needs oi the respective States or 

See. 3. That in order to secure, as far as 
practicable, uniformity of methods and re- 
sults in the work of said stations, it shall be 
the duty of the United States commissioner 
of agriculture to furnish forms, as far as 
practicable, for the tabulation of results of 
investigation or experiments; to indicate, 
from time to time, such lines of inquiry as to 
him shall seem most important ; and, in gen- 
eral, to furnish such advice and assistance as 
will promote the purposes of this act. It 
shall be the duty of eacH of s«d stations an- 
nually, on or before the first day of February, 
to mike to the governor of the state or terri- 
tory iu which it is located a full and detailed 
report of its operations, including a state- 
ment of receipts and expenditures, a copy of 
which report shall be 6ent to each of said sta- 
tions, to the said commissioner of agriculture, 
and to the secretary of the treasury of the 
United States. 

Sec. i. That bulletins or reports of pro- 
gress shall be published at said stations at 
least once in three months, one copy of which 
shall be sent to each newspaperin thestates or 
territories in which they are respectively lo- 
cated, and to such individuals actually en- 
gaged in farming as may request the same, 
and as far as the means of the station will 
permit. Snoh bulletins or reports and the an- 
nual repor s of said stations shall be trans- 
mitted in the mails of the United States free 
of charge for postage, under such regulations 
as the Postmaster General may from time to 
time prescribe. 

Sec. 5. That for the purpose of paying the 
necessary expenses of conducting investigations 
and experiments and printing a ud distributing 
the results as hereinbefore prescribed, tbe sum 
of $15,000 per annum is hereby appropriated 
to each state, to be specially provided for by 
Congress in the appropriations from year to 

year, and to each territory entitled under 
the provisions of section eight of thii act, out 
of any money in the treasury proceeding from 
the sales of public lauds, to be paid in equal 
quarterly payments, on the first day of Janu- 
ary, April, July and October in each year, to 
the treasurer or other officer duly appointed 
hy the governing boards of said colleges to re- 
ceive the same, the first payment to be made 
on the first day of October, 1887. Provided, 
however, That out of the first annual appro- 
priation so received by any station an amount 
not exceeding one-fifth may be expended in 
the erection, enlargement, or repair of a build- 
ing or buildings necessary for carrying on the 
work of such station ; and therefore an amount 
not exceeding five per centum of such annual 
appropriation may be so expended. 
Sec. 6. That whenever it shall appear to the 
Secretary of the Treasury from the annual 
statement of receipts and expenditures of any 
of said stations that a portion of I he preced- 
ing annual appropriation remains un- 
expended, such amount shall be de- 
ducted from the next succeeding annual 
appropriation to each station, in or- 
der that the amount of money appropriated to 
any station shall not exceed the amount actu- 
ally and necessarily required for its mainte- 
nance and support. 

Sec. 7. That nothing in this act shall be con- 
strued to impair or modify the legal relation 
existing between any of the said colleges and 
the government of the states or territories in 
waieh they are respectively located. 
See. 8. That iu states having colleges en- 
titled under this section to the benefits of this 
act and having also agricultural experiment 
stations established by law separate from said 
colleges, sucb states shall be authorized to ap- 
ply such benefits to experiments at stations so 
established by such states ; and in ease any 
state 3hall have established under the provi- 
sions of said act of July 2d aforesaid, an agri- 
cultural department or experimental station, 
in connection with any university, college or 
institution not distinctively an agricultural 
college or school, and such state shall have es- 
tablished or shall hereafter establish a separ- 
ate agricultural college or school, which shall 
have eonneoted therewith an experimental 
farm or station, the Legislature of such state 
may apply in whole or in part the appropria- 
tion by this act made, to such separate agri- 
cultural college or school, and no Legislature 
shall by contract express or implied disable 
itself from so doing. 

Sec. 9. That the grants of moneys author- 
ized by this act are made subject to the legis- 
lative assent of the several states and territo- 
ries to the purposes of said grants : Provided, 
that payment of such instalments of the ap- 
propriation herein made as shall become due 
to any state before the adjournment of the 
regular session of its Legislature meeting next 
after the passage of this act shall be made up- 
on the assent of the governor thereof duly 
certified to the Secretary of the Treasury. 

Sec. 10. Nothing in this act shall be held 
or construed as binding the United States to 
continue any payments from the treasury to 
any or all the states or institutions mentioned 
iu this act, but Congress may at any time 
amend, suspend or repeal any or al 1 the pro- 
visions of this act 
Approved, March 2, 1887. 

The appropriation for experiment sta- 
tions under the Hatch act are now availa- 
ble. The Senate on Monday passed with- 
out opposition the appropriation bill for 
the purpose, which had been enacted in 
the House two weeks ago, and on Tuesday 
the measure received President Cleve- 
land's signature. The appropriation dates 
from Oct 1, and being payable quarterly 
in advance, two quarters or $7500 are now 
due to each state and territory that com- 
ply with the act. The first controller of 
the currency has decided several questions 
in relation" to this experiment station act 
as follows: 

He decides, first, that the accounts of the 
rious expenditures made at the various col- 
leges and stations should not be sent to the 
treasury department and there settled and ad- 
justed, but that a report, including receipts 
and expenditures, should be made to the gov- 
ernors of the states and territories where locat- 
ed, and a copy of the report must be sent to the 
secretary of the treasury. In New York there is 
an agricultural college and an a jri cultural sta- 
tion. The controller decides that the funds 
which may be appropriated by Congress to that 
state, under the act of March 3, 1887, do not 
go exclusively to the college, unless the state 
of New York so directs. The state should in- 
dicate to the secretary of the treasury what is 
its will in that regard. He also decides that 
if there is no agricultural college or station 
in a state or territory, but there is a college, 
such state or territory would not be entitled to 
the benefits of the provisions of said act of 
March 3, 1887, unless an agricultural college 
be established, or a station connected with 
some college already established, that the es- 
tablishment of a station disconnected from the 
ordinary college will not Buffioe. 

: ::r i 

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'■) »?•: K -rr>.:, 

. ' ^S» ...■:,' 1 Z3£>>~' ' 

- .irr- -, r> .. 

,,,-,,:, --- 


o^J3> J'. 

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,i/ / ; : ; ' 

11 "^' ■>»•. 



"'^'^Jria «K« 


:■■■■ \ mmMz, 

■ ■■■--- . . - - - ._ ^ ....... _ .